MFL Muscle GLUT-AMINO 700g

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L-Glutamine is your body’s most abundant amino acid, and is considered “conditionally essential” because it’s naturally manufactured by your body. During strenuous exercise, your glutamine stores can become severely depleted because glutamine is being used at a rate that outpaces your body’s ability to synthesize it. Unless you supplement your glutamine levels can lead to serious breakdown of the lean muscle tissue you’ve worked so hard to develop.

The solution, supplement your hard working muscles with MUSCLE GLUT-AMINO; an exclusive array of four pure, yet diverse glutamine complexes that deliver the precise load of glutamine your body needs to fuel your muscles and effectively support your recovery after exercise

+Aspartame free
+No added sugar
+Low fat/carb
+Made in the USA

INGREDIENTS: Glutamine Peptide, Glutamine Malate, Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Glutamine, Di Potassium Phosphate.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Stevia, Natural Flavours.