Our Story

SoulFit transpired from our goal of turning our gym into a hub that caters for fitness, health, wellbeing, feeling good and looking amazing! We have owned our gym for 12 years and as crazy as 2020 was, it enabled us to work towards our goals of starting a fitness label and opening a supplement store within our facility.

Rob and I (Cassie) are both Personal Trainers with a huge passion for our industry. Rob has spent the majority of his life in bodybuilding and powerlifting, he has a wealth of knowledge about supplements, how and what to take for specific goals for both men and women.

I love my workout wear and am lucky enough to be able to wear it everyday for my job! My workout wear has to be comfortable AND supportive, no roll down waists or see through rear while I’m squatting … it also needs to look good, if I feel great in my workout wear, it inspires me to work harder in my training sessions, which is how I have created my SoulFit label.

Our label is designed to encompass women of all ages and sizes to feel great during exercise minus the worry of our workout wear showing anything it shouldn’t be during our workouts

Our samples are tested by our Personal Trainers as well as myself and close friends, with feedback taken so we can constantly keep working on making our brand better!